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"It is in the heart of the picturesque streets of Morocco, where ancestral practices and artisanal know-how intertwine, that Atelier 212 was born. Atelier 212 is an exceptional brand that emerged from my passion for dogs and the desire to create unique products that combine elegance, comfort and respect for local crafts because our faithful companions also deserve exceptional objects. Each piece is imbued with patterns, colors and manufacturing techniques rooted in tradition, creating a line of high-end products that enhance Moroccan heritage."


"At Atelier 212, each product is a work of art shaped by our expert artisans in their field. Their skills passed down for centuries blend with modern designs, creating a perfect fusion between past and present. Each piece is meticulously designed to combine artisanal elegance with robustness, ensuring not only timeless beauty but also exceptional quality. Our quest for excellence guides every stage of manufacturing at Atelier 212. From the highest quality materials to meticulous finishes , each product is a reflection of our commitment to elegance, quality, and the well-being of our four-legged friends. Just like us, and even more so, our dogs deserve the best, and we do everything we can to offer them."

Our Sustainability Commitment

"At Atelier 212, our approach is not limited to aesthetics and quality. We are deeply committed to sustainability and the preservation of our environment. This is why each product we create is the result of a meticulous process of selecting reclaimed materials. We carefully choose elements that, while embodying the rich history of our craft, also help to reduce our ecological footprint. Our eco-responsible approach involves giving new life to existing materials, thereby transforming each creation into a unique, environmentally friendly piece. Every choice we make, from material selection to final production, is guided by our commitment to more conscious consumption. So when you choose an Atelier 212 product, you not only opt for elegance and comfort for your faithful companion, but you also contribute to supporting an eco-responsible vision of craftsmanship. We believe in the beauty of sustainability, and it is precisely this beauty that we strive to share with you."

Our Ethical Concern

"At Atelier 212, our commitment to quality and sustainability extends beyond the products themselves. We believe in the value of artisanal work, and this is reflected in our fair remuneration policy. Each of our artisans, imbued with the ancestral know-how of Morocco, is a master in his field, contributing to the creation of unique pieces that embody the essence of our brand. We are proud to guarantee fair remuneration to our artisans, thus recognizing their invaluable contribution to each creation. This ethical approach not only ensures the sustainability of our artistic professions, but it contributes also to the prosperity of local communities. When you choose an Atelier 212 product, you not only support an eco-responsible company, but you also participate in encouraging fair and equitable remuneration for our talented artisans. Because, for us, the beauty of each creation lies as much in the authenticity of the craftsmanship as in the accuracy of the remuneration."


« The T°50 wooden bone is absolutely amazing! My friend told me to and I’m delighted ! Lucky my 3yo labrador is crazy about it. It's a long-lasting, natural, and safe chew toy! I highly recommend it! »

Marie (Paris - France)

« Amazing leash and collar ! My sweety Luna Golden Retriever steals the show on every walk, and so do I �� »

Isabella (Malibu - USA)

"I’ve been looking for a long time a scarf for my French Bulldog Gino, and I can say that I finally found a product of wild elegance!"

Marco (Milan - Italy)